Jass Championships 2023
  • There will be 4-5 tournaments.
  • The results from each player's three best tournaments will be added together.
  • Players must attend tournaments in person; substitutes are not permitted.
For each Jass tournament
  • Three rounds are played, each round consisting of eight hands.
  • New partners and tables are drawn at random before each round, with players picking cards indicating their table number.
  • Players who draw matching cards are partners.
  1. The Jass variation played is the four-player Schieber. Each hand results in 157 points. "Stoecke" (i.e. having the queen and king of trump) and "Weisen" (having four jacks, etc.) do not count and may not be declared.
  2. "Obenabe" and "Undenufe" (from the top down, and from the bottom up) may be announced as trump. A player who passes must play the first card of the hand herself or himself.
  3. Each table must pick a recorder responsible for correctly keeping track of the score and for ensuring that the rules are followed.
  4. After having the deck cut, the recorder deals the first hand, dealing at least three cards at a time.
  5. If a hand is misdealt or if cards become visible, the hand must be redealt.
  6. When a player is announcing trump, that player's partner may look at his or her cards only after trump has been announced or passed.
  7. Cards that have been played and turned over may no longer be viewed.
  8. Players may not declare "Bock" (announcing one has played an unbeatable card).
  9. If a player mistakenly throws a card that does not follow suit when she or he could have followed suit, the mistakenly played card loses its power.
  10. A player whose partner mistakenly plays the first card in a trick may not immediately lead with the same suit, for that trick.
Blank Scorecard